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SAP FI Questions

SAP FI QuestionsHere you will find sample SAP FI questions and mock tests for SAP FI certification that are relatively just like the original exam. If not make use of them during preparation for the certification, since it will assist you to become acquainted with test format, test out your knowledge, identify areas which need additional attention, and quite often these sample questions are a tiny bit similar to whatever you can encounter at the real exam.


SAP FI Certification Questions

Before you decide to read these sample questions, it is crucial to produce one thing crystal clear: there isn't any way of getting SAP FI questions that may appear in the actual certification. There are numerous reasons why it isn't possible. First, no-one can access the bank with the certification questions because they're held in the utmost secrecy. Second, the pool of questions that SAP has is so large that, even if someone could extract some questions in the secret database, the prospect of getting these SAP FI questions on the exam is very low because the questions are randomly selected by a computer. Therefore, don't fall for individuals who sell you SAP FI questions and promise that after studying them you'll pass SAP FI certification.


During SAP FI certification you'll be necessary to answer 80 multiple choice questions. There isn't any negative marking for incorrect answers. It means that you should make an effort to answer as many questions as possible if you are not sure is there a correct answer. You will end up given 180 minutes to accomplish the certification. The current passing score for SAP FI certification is around 60%.

Official SAP FI Certification Questions

SAP Education provides official practice questions for SAP FI Certification: SAP FI Certification Official Sample Questions. When the link doesn't work, try our mirror of SAP FI Certification Official Sample Questions.

Free SAP FI Certification Questions

Below are 80 sample questions for SAP FI certification. If you're getting ready for the exam, make an effort to answer these SAP FI questions and see the number of questions you might answer correctly. Ideas also posted answers to these SAP FI questions and brief explanations for each with the questions.

Disclaimer: These sample SAP FI questions are suitable for self-evaluation purposes only and do not appear on the actual certification exams. Answering the sample questions correctly is not any be certain that you will pass the certification exam. However, it is a fantastic way to get ready for the particular certification exams and helped many people to become certified SAP consultants.


In most SAP FI question, except ‘true or false’ questions, one or more or maybe more answers can be correct.
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